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Colloidal Health Solutions Limited has been a registered company operating out of Dunedin, New Zealand since 1999. (New Zealand Companies Office Registration No. 962730; Incorporated 01-06-1999, see Quick Search keyword: colloidal)

We are a manufacturing company servicing the needs of today's health conscious consumer.

We have developed a range of high quality products, specialising in products that are pure, natural and affordable to the average consumer.


Our Mission

To manufacture the highest quality specialised natural products with a broad-spectrum application for every body.


Our Aims

To provide the best customer service through the development of established relationships, clear lines of communication and timely and efficient supply.

To provide the highest quality product, develop and continue to research a family of high quality natural health products and cosmetics that are unique, highly effective and affordable for everyone.

To develop and research new products through continuous improvement driven by client and customer feedback and demand.

To build and nurture strong relationships with distributors, wholesalers and retailers that have established networks and are known for their performance in their sphere of influence.

To provide advertising material and technical support for our distributors, retailers and wholesalers worldwide.