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We have 20 years’ experience producing high quality New Zealand made dietary supplements. Our range includes The Silver Solution - Colloidal Silver, The Gold Solution – Colloidal Gold, The Copper Solution – Colloidal Copper, and Colloidal Silver Skin Care Cremes.

Colloidal Health Solutions Limited is a registered company that has been operating out of Dunedin, New Zealand since 1999. (New Zealand Companies Office Registration No. 962730; Incorporated 01-06-1999, see Quick Search keyword: colloidal)

We are a manufacturing company servicing the needs of today's health conscious consumer.

We have developed a range of high quality products, specialising in products that are pure, natural and affordable to the average consumer.


The Silver Solution – Colloidal Silver. We use a different manufacturing technique from most other Colloidal Silver manufacturers resulting in a crystal clear, high energy, high quality, Ionic-Colloidal Silver that has benefited thousands of New Zealanders with not a single reported negative reaction in 20 years of manufacturing.

‘I am constantly impressed with the results from The Silver Solution®, finding it very effective for the immune system I specifically like this Colloidal Silver product because it is consistent in performance and has no negative side effects. I have found this product an invaluable asset over the last nine years and recommend it with complete confidence.’ Victoria Hamilton, Natural Therapist


The Copper Solution – Colloidal Copper is a fast acting, highly bio-available, Ionic-Colloidal Copper supplement manufactured from pure Copper.

Copper is a crucial micronutrient needed by humans and animals for metabolic processes, proper organ function, iron uptake, the formation of pigments, and antioxidant defence. 

As Copper is essential for good blood health balance a lack of copper will result in difficulty up taking iron. The Copper Solution is extremely effective at assisting with iron absorption. This product is highly recommended for anyone who takes iron supplementation. It is advisable to check blood iron levels when taking The Copper Solution and iron supplementation as the iron supplementation may need reduced to avoid high levels of iron in the blood.

Anyone with high iron levels should not take Copper supplementation.


The Gold Solution – Colloidal Gold is a high-quality liquid supplement created using a unique manufacturing technique and the purest Gold available. This results in a highly bio-available, fast acting natural health supplement that is beneficial for both mind and body.

The Gold Solution – Colloidal Gold may support:

  • Uncomfortable, stiff, swollen joints and healthy joint mobility
  • Healthy energy levels
  • A sense of emotional well-being and calmness
  • Mental clarity – e.g. concentration, focus and memory
  • Mood fluctuations and emotional stress


‘I discovered Colloidal Gold by "accident", but really, I know the Universe/God Force guided me to this wonderful elixir. I was suffering from swollen knuckles, pains in my knees and a sore back. I found it extremely difficult walking upstairs, taking one at a time. Nothing I took would help. I noticed an amazing difference within two weeks of using the Colloidal Gold not only did my knees and knuckles stop aching, I found that I was more alert. It was as if a lightbulb was switched on in my brain, my ability to formulate new ideas and create better solutions at work was brilliant. I started giving it to my 12-year-old son and he also noticed a huge difference in being able to concentrate at school, he would actually come to me in the morning before going to school and ask for his daily dose (I think that's a miracle!). I highly recommend this product, I've been a consumer of Colloidal Silver for almost 20 years and I know I'll be using Colloidal Gold for just as long, if not longer. Thank you so much for making this wonderful, much needed product available to the public. Mauri ora!’ Kirsten Manu - Christchurch


Our Mission

To manufacture the highest quality specialised natural products with a broad-spectrum application for every body.


Our Aims

To provide the best customer service through the development of established relationships, clear lines of communication and timely and efficient supply.

To provide the highest quality product, develop and continue to research a family of high quality natural health products and cosmetics that are unique, highly effective and affordable for everyone.

To develop and research new products through continuous improvement driven by client and customer feedback and demand.

To build and nurture strong relationships with distributors, wholesalers and retailers that have established networks and are known for their performance in their sphere of influence.

To provide advertising material and technical support for our distributors, retailers and wholesalers worldwide.



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